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Eumovate eczema and dermatitis cream is a moderate strength steroid cream (or ointment) designed to improve and relieve inflamed skin and itching related to conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and insect bites. It may also be used as a preventative measure in some circumstances to stop eczema from flaring up again.

Its active ingredient, clobetasone, reduces redness, itching and swelling, and is ideal for treating patches of dry, scaly skin. A short-term eczema remedy with very few side effects, this prescription dermatitis cream is available to buy from The Independent Pharmacy following an online consultation. Get same-day dispatch available, with next working day delivery available on checkout.

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Eumovate Information

  • What is Eumovate?

    Eumovate is a corticosteroid cream that contains the ingredient clobetasone butyrate. Corticosteroids are often referred to as steroids, this is not the same as illegal anabolic steroids.

    Clobetasone butyrate is much milder than other corticosteroids and is suitable for use in children and adults over the age of 12 years to reduce inflammation, providing relief from red, irritated skin.

    When using Eumovate daily as directed in the Patient Information Leaflet you should begin to see improvements to the condition of your skin within 7 days and can be used for up to 4 weeks.

    If you do not see any reduction in the redness, itchiness, inflammation and irritation to your skin within 7 days of using Eumovate please speak to your doctor or pharmacist for further advice.

    Eumovate cream/ointment uses

    Eumovate cream and ointment are easy to apply, and can be used to treat inflamed skin and skin rash arising from several conditions, including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Its active ingredient is clobetasone butyrate, a moderately potent corticosteroid.

    Corticosteroids are strong anti-inflammatory medicines. Skin becomes inflamed when the body releases inflammatory chemicals in response to an allergen or irritation. These chemicals make blood vessels widen, causing the skin to swell and become itchy and painful. Corticosteroids prevent this by inhibiting cells from releasing large amounts of these substances.

    Eumovate can be used to treat the following conditions:

    • Eczema
    • Dermatitis
    • Psoriasis
    • Insect bites
    • Heat rash

    Note: Eumovate cream should not be used on:

    • Broken skin
    • Open wounds
    • Acne, spots or rosacea
    • Bacterial infections (impetigo)
    • Fungal infections (thrush)

    If Eumovate is applied to excess for a long period of time, or to spots where the skin is thinner (such as the face, eyelids, lips and scalp), this can make the user more susceptible to side effects like skin thinning, stretch marks or hair growth. For the most part, these side effects are still quite rare. Creams like Eumovate wouldn't be recommended for conditions like alopecia. Consult the leaflet for full details.

    How does Eumovate work?

    Creams that contain corticosteroids such as Eumovate cream work by mimicking the body's natural hormones produced by the adrenal glands. The steroids suppress inflammation by suppressing the cells reaction to irritation or allergens and reducing the amount of collagen that is in the skin.

    Eumovate cream (100mg, 30mg) or Eumovate Ointment (100mg, 30mg)

    Both Eumovate cream and ointment are used to treat skin inflammation using the steroid clobetasone. The difference between the two products is that the ointment contains ingredients that make it a thicker, greasier formula than the cream.

    It is therefore recommended that:

    Eumovate cream is used for areas of moist or weeping skin.

    Eumovate ointment is used for areas of dry, flakey or scaly skin.

    Eumovate alternatives - is Eumovate a steroid cream?

    Eumovate cream and ointment contain the corticosteroid, clobetasone and is just one type of steroid used to reduce skin inflammation associated with conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. For more information about treatment options please see our Advice for Eczema and Dermatitis page.

    If you have used Eumovate for 7 days and your skin condition has not improved or you suffer from skin conditions that cause moderate to severe inflammation and irritation you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist about treatment options.

    Eumovate or hydrocortisone

    Another corticosteroid cream used to treat skin inflammation is hydrocortisone cream. Hydrocortisone cream is the mildest available steroid cream and is often recommended as the first-line treatment for inflammation caused by eczema or dermatitis.

    Hydrocortisone 1% cream is available to buy online from The Independent Pharmacy in 15mg tubes and 50g tubes.

    Eumovate or Betnovate

    Betnovate RD 0.025% contains betamethasone and is a similar strength corticosteroid cream to Eumovate used to treat mild skin inflammation and irritation.

    Betnovate 0.1% is a slightly stronger steroid cream which is suitable for use by those over 18 years old.

    Betnovate 0.1% should only be used once milder formulas have proven to not be effective and should not be used to treat skin conditions on the face, genitals, groin and armpits.

    You can purchase Betnovate RD and Betnovate 0.1% online at the Independent Pharmacy using our online consultation system.

    Eumovate cream for eczema

    Eumovate cream contains clobetasone butyrate - a moderately potent anti-inflammatory steroid. The active ingredient works by preventing the release of inflammatory substances inside the skin cells, reducing dryness, redness, and itchiness. Eumovate cream also has moisturising properties to help keep skin smooth and flake-free.

    However, it is a short-term solution, as using corticosteroids on the skin continuously for more than a few weeks can cause skin thinning and even permanent damage. It's advised to use Eumovate for eczema for no more than 7 days, at around the same time every day. In addition, we also advise people with eczema or dermatitis to use emollient skin products, such as Dermol Shower Emollient, to help improve the condition on a longer term basis.

    Eumovate benefits

    With the use of any medicine or topical cream, there are always risks and benefits involved. Luckily, Eumovate cream is generally very well tolerated, and side effects are rare. Patients are able to relieve the itching and redness associated with eczema in a relatively short amount of time. When the cream is prescribed, our pharmacists will consider the risks and weigh them against the benefits - if you are pregnant then this would be a factor, for example.

    Eumovate can be applied in conjunction with other moisturisers, though it's best to wait around half an hour between applications to let the Eumovate cream sink in. Always use the minimum quantity prescribed, for the minimum duration advised by your doctor.

    Eumovate and pregnancy

    Eumovate ointment shouldn't be used while pregnant or breastfeeding to treat eczema, unless discussed and approved by your doctor. Even so, it shouldn’t be used on large areas of skin or for a long period. Some studies suggest that corticosteroids applied to the skin during pregnancy may cause birth defects.

    Non-prescription eczema treatment alternatives

    • Moisturisers and emollients
    • Bath and shower gels
    • Cotton gloves (to keep from scratching)
    • Antihistamine tablets (to ease the itching)


  • Apply a thin, even layer of Eumovate to the affected skin. You will be advised to do this either once or twice each day. Always follow your prescription exactly.

    If you have been using airtight dressings on the inflamed skin, clean the affected area before using the ointment, and apply a new dressing. Remember to wash your hands after each application.

    You may be using other topical medicines or moisturisers alongside Eumovate. If this is the case, you are advised to wait at least 30 minutes between applications. This will prevent either medicine from becoming diluted.

  • Eumovate ingredients

    The active ingredient in Eumovate: clobetasone butyrate, each 1 gram contains 0.5mg (0.05%w/w).

    Eumovate cream other ingredients: chloroscresol, cetostearyl alcohol, beeswax substitute 6621, citric acid monohydrate.

    Eumovate ointment other ingredients: liquid paraffin and soft white paraffin.

    For a full list of ingredients please refer to the Patient Information Leaflets.

  • Eumovate side effects

    As with all medication, Eumovate may cause some people to experience unwanted side effects. Most side effects are, however, very rare when using Eumovate cream and ointment.

    • If you are using or have recently used Eumovate to treat psoriasis and notice pus-filled lumps appear under your skin, this is called pustular psoriasis and you should get advice from a doctor straight away.

    Some reported side effects associated with Eumovate use may include:

    • Localised allergic reaction to the skin where Eumovate has been applied- burning, irritation, itching, rash, redness.
    • Increased hair growth
    • Changes in skin colour or thinning of the skin and bones
    • Weight gain causing rounding of the face
    • Eye conditions - cataract or glaucoma
    • High blood pressure

    For a full list of side effects associated with Eumovate please read the Patient Information Leaflet thoroughly.

    If you are worried about side effects or they do not get better once you stop using Eumovate you should speak to a doctor or pharmacist for advice.

    If you experience a severe allergic reaction as a result of using Eumovate, seek immediate medical attention from your nearest Emergency Department.

  • Eumovate warnings

    For a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use of Eumovate cream or ointment please read the Patient Information Leaflet thoroughly.

    Eumovate can cause the following conditions to worsen:

    • Acne
    • Infected skin
    • Rosacea (a flushing of the skin around the nose)
    • Skin which is itchy but not inflamed.

    You should speak to your doctor or a pharmacist before using Eumovate if any of the following apply:

    • You have a history of allergic reactions to steroid medicines
    • You are applying Eumovate under an airtight dressing
    • You are using Eumovate on the face, especially near the eyes
    • You are applying Eumovate to broken skin or skin folds
    • You are applying Eumovate to inflamed skin around the genitals or anus
    • You have psoriasis
    • You are using Eumovate on a chronic leg ulcer.

    Do not use Eumovate for more than 4 weeks. If you do not see an improvement to the condition of your skin within 7 days of commencing treatment you should speak to a doctor or pharmacist for advice.

    Eumovate ointment contains liquid paraffin and soft white paraffin which is flammable. Avoid smoking and open fires when using the product and take extra care to wash bedding and clothing that has come into contact with the ointment.

Eumovate Cream & Ointment reviews

Eumovate Cream & Ointment FAQs

  • As well as eczema, Eumovate can be used to treat the following skin conditions:

    Seborrheic dermatitis, prurigo nodularis, allergic reaction, intertrigo (a rash between folds of skin), photodermatitis (inflammation caused by exposure to ultraviolet light)

  • The active ingredient in Benadryl one A Day tablets is a non-sedating antihistamine called cetirizine. Allergy symptoms occur due to the activity of mast cells. These cells are responsible for the immune system’s reaction to foreign particles. When an allergen enters the body, mast cells release substances such as histamine. This binds to H1 receptors, which causes an inflammatory response, leading to congestion and watery eyes.

    Antihistamines work in different ways. Whereas some other medicines inhibit the release of histamine, cetirizine prevents histamine from reaching its H1 receptors. This blocks the body’s inflammatory response to allergens, easing the frustrating symptoms of hayfever and other allergies.

  • This medicine will be most effective if applied following a bath.

  • Apply a thin layer to all red skin. Quantities of topical cream or ointment are often measured using a ‘fingertip unit’. This is the amount of medicine that is squeezed onto the first segment of the finger. One of these units corresponds to an area of skin the size of two adult hands.

  • Eumovate cream should be applied thinly and evenly. Long-term use on the face, lips and eyelids should be avoided. Do not allow the cream to come into contact with the eyes. Eumovate cream should not be used to treat acne or other inflammatory disorders, such as rosacea or insect bites.

    Eumovate cream is sometimes prescribed for men who suffer from a tight foreskin. Consult your doctor before using it for this purpose.

  • You will be advised to use this cream either once or twice per day. Do not exceed your prescription, as this will make you more susceptible to side effects without providing any extra benefit.

  • Ointment has a greasier consistency than cream. Eumovate ointment is best suited to skin which is dry or scaly. The cream should be used on moist or weepy skin. Both types of Eumovate contain identical active ingredients.

  • Clobetasone butyrate is a moderately potent steroid. It is stronger than hydrocortisone, a popular non-prescription steroid. Strong corticosteroids include Betnovate and Dermovate – these are used for more serious conditions, but come with a higher risk of side effects.

  • Eumovate is unsuitable or you if you are allergic to any of its ingredients, if your skin is infected, or if you have kidney or liver problems. Eumovate should not be used on the face or on skin near the anus or genitals.

  • You should notice improvements to your symptoms within five days of using Eumovate.

  • Eumovate ointment and cream are made by GlaxoSmithKline.

  • In the rare cases in which Eumovate causes skin to become slightly lighter or darker, the skin will return to its normal colour once you stop using the medicine. However, you may notice a change to your skin colour if you have severe or persistent eczema. This is because pigments can change in response to skin inflammation. This usually reverts to normal after a few months.

  • This is a reported but rare side effect of Eumovate. The unwanted hair growth will be confined to the site of application.

  • It is a myth that corticosteroids can worsen or prolong eczema. If this occurs, it is instead likely due to an allergic response to the medicine.

  • Moisturisers are very important to maintain healthy skin, but will only be effective at treating very mild eczema. Further treatment is usually required once the skin has become inflamed. Topical corticosteroids are just one such treatment.

  • At The Independent Pharmacy we do not prescribe medicines for children or babies. This medicine should not be used during pregnancy unless advised by your doctor. If so, it should not be used on large areas of skin, underneath airtight dressings, or for long periods of time. The same goes for breastfeeding.

  • Here is a summary of the four different treatments:

    Eumovate: Eumovate cream contains the active ingredient clobetasone butyrate. It is a topical corticosteroid used primarily for skin irritation or inflammation, such as eczema.

    Betnovate: Betnovate is a cream/ointment that contains the active ingredient betamethasone – also a topical corticosteroid. It is used for much the same purpose as Eumovate.

    Dermovate: Dermovate cream contains the active ingredient clobetasol, a steroid that is used to reduce inflammation. It is used only in short courses, as it is strong, and tends to be used when the mild corticosteroids have not been effective.

    Temovate: Temovate cream is another form of clobetasol – Temovate is just the brand name. Temovate is available in the US. It’s used to reduce itching, redness and swelling by deactivating certain immune responses. No more than 50 grams of Temovate should be used per week.

  • No, Eumovate should not be used on broken skin or any open wounds. You should also avoid using it on the face, or applying it to the same patch of skin more than once.

  • Eumovate cream is sometimes prescribed for psoriasis, but you should check with your doctor before using it as it may not necessarily be the best treatment for you. One of the possible side effects of Eumovate can be a slight rash, so it is likely not the best option for a heat rash either. To treat heat rash, try Canesten Hydrocortisone Cream.

  • It is available in 15g packs over the counter and limited to one per customer when buying from places like Boots. So if you need larger amounts or use regularly it would need to be from your GP or an online pharmacy.

  • Chronic skin conditions can be tough to treat. In general yes, dermatologists and patients see good results from Eumovate.

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