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Etrivex Shampoo
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Treat Irritation with Etrivex Shampoo

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Betnovate Scalp - Important Information

  • How to use Etrivex Shampoo

    Etrivex Shampoo should be used exactly as directed by a doctor. The usual dose is a once-daily application (7.5ml or ½ a tablespoon) enough to cover the entire scalp. Do not use it for more than 4 weeks without being advised to do so by a doctor.

    1. Wash your hands before and after use.
    2. Apply the recommended amount directly to a dry scalp, cover well and massage in.
    3. Leave the product to work for 15 minutes.
    4. Rinse and dry your hair. If you need more of your regular shampoo to clean your hair it is safe to do this.

    Please take the time to read the Patient Information Leaflet before use.

  • Etrivex Shampoo ingredients

    The active ingredient in Etrivex Shampoo is: clobetasol propionate 500 micrograms.

    The other ingredients are: Ethanol, Coco alkyl dimethyl betaine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Polyquaternium-10, Sodium citrate, Citric acid monohydrate, Purified water.

  • Etrivex Shampoo side effects

    Like most other medications, Etrivex Shampoo can cause side effects. It is not uncommon for people to experience a burning, stinging or itching sensation to the skin when applying this treatment.

    Other side effects include:

    • Skin thinning
    • More visible blood vessels

    If your condition gets worse while using this treatment; you develop a severe allergic reaction or you have psoriasis and develop pus-filled bumps under the skin you should stop using Etrivex and speak to a doctor immediately.
    For full details regarding side effects please read the Patient Information Leaflet.

  • Etrivex Shampoo warnings

    • Do not use Etrivex if the following apply to you: You are allergic to any of the ingredients or you have a bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic infection, or you have broken or thin.
    • Speak to a doctor or pharmacist before use if any of the following apply to you: you are currently using any other prescribed or non-prescribed medication; you are applying Etrivex to a large area of skin.
    • Do not apply Etrivex Shampoo under any kind of dressing or shower cap unless advised to do so by a doctor.
    • Etrivex should not be used in the same way as regular shampoo. Do not use more than the recommended amount and do not apply to anywhere else on your body.

    Etrivex Shampoo in pregnancy & breastfeeding

    Speak to a doctor or pharmacist for advice before using Etrivex Shampoo if you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or are breastfeeding.

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